Party & Function Security

We have extensive experience working at teenage parties, school functions, post-formals and youth events. Party Safe with Gatecrash Security!

Our approach…

Quite simply – we offer the best security staff in the business. Our guards are professional, fully licensed, experienced, and will treat you and your guests with RESPECT. Gatecrash Security will never employ thugs or steroid abusers who use overbearing, threatening, or heavy-handed tactics. We believe that communication (and not violence) should be used where possible to diffuse any dangerous situations.

What we offer…

At Gatecrash Security you can be assured that there are no hidden costs. Our price includes tamper proof fluoro wristbands for everyone, GST, two-way radios, and our comprehensive public liability insurance cover! We will also conduct a free venue threat assessment to ensure the safety of your party. Need a dog and handler? We have great handlers and trained security dogs for hire. What a great deterrent to any gate crasher!

If you are concerned about knives and other weapons at your function, Gatecrash Security now has walk through metal detectors and security wands to keep you and your guests safe! Our M-Scope walk-through metal detectors can be used for either indoor or outdoor events, and are designed to detect weapons and deter people from attempting to bring these items to your event.

Party photography

Gatecrash Security offer the ultimate professional party photography service. For just $150 you can get clear, high-definition photos to remember the great time you had.

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Hosting a party? Let us take the pressure off…

If well planned, parties can be successful and fun. For many teenagers, attending parties and meeting friends plays an integral role in their social development. Parties are exciting events and can expose teenagers to a range of new experiences relating to music, social experiences and possibly alcohol and other drugs. It is important that teenagers and parents are prepared for what may happen at a party.

For example, when it comes to hosting a party, there are a number of details that need to be considered during the planning stages, including how you manage the behaviour of your guests to ensure a safe and successful party. What we mean by this is crowd control.

You need to consider what type of supervision or security you need for your party? Will you use friends, other parents, private security? How many do you need? What do you want them to do on the night? i.e., checking attendees off a list as they arrive, stopping alcohol being brought into the venue, dealing with uninvited or unruly people. This is where Gatecrash Security can help. We can take the stress and hassle out of managing your party on the night so you can do what it is you set out to do in the first place – have a great evening celebrating with your guests!

It’s your party and you have the right to decide who comes and who goes. If unwanted visitors turn up, we can act quickly by refusing them entry and asking them to leave immediately.  If these guests won’t leave, our highly trained security personal, who are skilled communicators, will use a specific set of communication techniques to defuse any uncomfortable situations, ensuring a safe and successful party for you and your guests.

The importance of professional security at your next event

Hiring a licenced professional security is not only imperative for the safety and enjoyment of you and your guests, but it can also keep you out of trouble with the police and violating the new out-of-Control Event Legislation recently passed in parliament.

This legislation cracks down on house parties that often lead to violence and property damage. As permitted by the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (QLD), police have even greater power to enforce more control and prosecute event organisers for unruly parties and events.

Anyone involved in an out-of-control party or event who commits an offence can face a maximum penalty of $12,100 or one year imprisonment. Parents will also be subject to penalties for offences committed by minors.

Take the necessary steps to avoid the maximum penalty

Hiring Gatecrash Security can be the difference between facing a penalty of $12,100 or one year imprisonment. As stated by the Queensland police:

“The bill provides a defence for a person who has taken reasonable steps to ensure the event does not become out-of-control…”

Gatecrash Security will absorb the responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your guests, allowing you to enjoy the party free from stress or hassle.

Party Safe with Gatecrash Security!

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