The party went very well and your staff were great; Graeme and I were able to relax and enjoy ourselves and there were lots of positive comments from the guests and especially the parents of the younger guests who dropped off and picked them up. Thanks again you provide a great service.

— Fiona H. Bellbowrie

I address this letter to you to offer some feedback on the work done by your staff at my daughter’s 18th birthday party last month. The professionalism of your staff was exemplary and made our night very enjoyable, and instead of worrying about intruders or rowdy guests we could enjoy our daughter’s night. The idea of having them come to the venue prior to the party, to assess the place and work out a plan I thought was very clever, as it gave your staff plenty of time to assess any weak spots, or areas where uninvited people may try to enter, and the gentleman who did this, Reg, was very organised, and made suggestions about where people could and could not be. On the night both of your staff arrived early and made themselves known to the adults there, and proceeded to make sure that everyone had wrist bands supplied by your company, which I thought was a great idea, as later when we did have a few intruders try to get in, we could see that they were not part of the guests, Those intruders were dealt with very quietly, and calmly without physical force being used, and even some of our guests did not know they were there. At the end of the night your staff went around to everyone and advised them that the party was finishing in half an hour and they would have to be off the premises, and at midnight they did exactly that. Both your staff worked very professionally and even the teenagers made the statement that they were extremely pleased with the result and the way they were treated by the two security people. In all a job done extremely well and our sincere thanks to your staff from the time I called you till the time the party was over. I would like to say I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone, should the need arise.

— D. Christie

Just wanted to write and thank the guys for being there on Sunday and for all their guidance and assistance. They have given us a lot of ideas for next year on management of the venue, and we are very grateful for their thoughtfulness and help. I really appreciate all they did and their presence was reassuring, discreet and very professional, please thank them all for me. Thank you once again, and I will be recommending your services to all. Your staff are everything your website promotes them to be. The team at http://www.straddieonline.com.au/

— Straddie Online - Blues by the Bay Festival

I just wanted to say how pleased we were with the 2 men you sent to our son's party on Saturday night. I would highly recommend your company. They were very good with all the kids that arrived and dealt with the small few that weren't welcome in a professional manner. It was a successful night for our son and having security at the entrance gave my husband and i the time to attend to his and our guests and have peace of mind that no gatecrashers would be allowed in. thanks, regards Liz Quinn Pat Quinn

— Liz & Pat Quinn

Thank you again for your support at the French Film Festival, Reg and Drew were outstanding. Their professionalism was commendable and I look forward to using Gatecrash security for future events.

— Palace Centro Cinemas - Fortitude Valley

Hi Antony, Tell Reg thanks for the feedback! The next door neighbour also came around the next day and congratulated us on a very well organised and executed party. For once - a successful and smooth-running party. Well, firstly I'd like to say that Mel and Reg were extremely professional and friendly. My friends, family and I had a great time chatting with them later on in the night! It was quite expensive; but well worth the money - my friends thought it was a really cool touch to the party, and they felt all the more comfortable and safe in knowing that there would definitely not be any trouble. And so for my 21st we really wanted to make sure that everyone would be safe and happy - hence the security, and registering the party with Party Safe. Furthermore, some of my friends had previously had a negative opinion about the police force. A lot of them got to talk to Reg and learnt that he was an ex-policeman - and also a really great guy! I think this really helped to change their mindset. I think that’s about all - it was a really great night and we had two really great security guards looking out for our wellbeing! :o) You should give those guys a bonus or something. Thanks again - I will be recommending your fantastic service to my friends and family. Kind regards, C. McCarthy

— C. McCarthy

Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know that my son’s party on Friday night went off without a hitch. Reg and Rich were fantastic and handled the kids beautifully. Thanks to them, my husband and I could actually attempt to relax for some of the evening! I really wanted to tell you how impressed we were with them. I would have no qualms about recommending them to my friends.

— M. Brown

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