Party Photography

It’s easy to get a little caught up when organising your dream party or function.

You’re trying to sort out the food, venue, drinks and security, but what about the photographer?! There is nothing worse than looking back at your function and realising you’ve missed capturing the most memorable moments.

Hosts are often so busy having a good time at their function that they forget to take those treasured pictures and really, it isn’t much fun for a host to have to wander around taking snaps all night.

Can’t someone else do it?

What about the photos your friends have? You’ve trusted them to get some choice pictures, but hosts are often sorely disappointed by the blurs and grainy images they receive.

We have a solution to the dilemma!

Offering beautiful, clear shots to last a lifetime, Gatecrash Security would like to introduce to you our photography service. With our newly employed freelance photographers, we’ll make sure your night isn’t just a hazy memory.

The ultimate photography service

Using professional photography equipment, our skilled staff will ensure that every smiling face is captured clearly as they move through your guests throughout the function.

Keeping the function vibe going long after the event, we offer every guest an online link to the images, making the photos freely available for all who attended the function.

This way, everyone will have free access to all the shots without having to pester the host and the host is able to enjoy their function to their hearts content, leaving all the strains of party photography management behind them!

What about the cost?

A question on every host’s lips… With all the expenses adding up, we’re happy to announce that the entire experience is a one-off fee of $150.

With your very own photographer, be prepared for brilliant, clear, memories stored in High Definition forever!

Full photography service provided by Gatecrash: Total cost is $150 including GST.

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