For professional security personnel for your special event, concert or party, Gatecrash security in Brisbane offer the highest protection and safety at $60 per hour per guard.

This price includes:

  • Professional, trained, licensed Security Staff
  • Free Fluorescent Wristbands for your guests
  • Free Venue threat assessment (where required) *
  • Radio communications for the security providers
  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance
  • GST

Payment methods:

We accept pre-payment by bank cheque, bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard, or you can choose to pay cash within the first hour of our service. 30 day accounts are acceptable for our regular corporate clients upon application.

Fees and services

Service Cost
Party/Event Security $60/ph
Corporate Security $95/ph
Party Photograpy $150


Complimentary venue assessment provides peace of mind

The venue assessment is completely free and part of our comprehensive service – yet another aspect of our “Different Approach” to security. A venue assessment is performed by either the owner of Gatecrash Security or the Operations Manager. The purpose of the assessment is to advise customers of safety tips, give an insight into possible problems and solutions, to familiarise ourselves with the venue, and to establish a rapport with you. It is professional and thorough, and can give you some peace of mind well before the party even starts!

At a minimum, the person performing the assessment will have a Diploma of Security and Risk Management.

Our staff are very experienced professionals and can help you plan for a safe and secure party. Don’t risk the violence and destruction that Gatecrashers cause – hire Queensland’s finest party security specialists!

It’s a small price to pay to avert a possible tragedy.

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