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Whilst working as Queensland Police Officers, company director Mark Ellis continually saw the need for a professional security company that could prevent trouble and provide a visual presence at parties, private functions and corporate events.

Often frustrated by heavy workloads and understaffing at the police service, Mark observed many dangerous situations that could easily have been avoided had a well-trained security company been engaged.

With this goal in mind, Mark left the police service, Gatecrash Security was formed.

Since that time, Gatecrash Security has provided professional security officers at private functions, large sporting venues, corporate events, and VIP protection for international celebrities and Australian sports icons.

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Our Philosophy

We assessed Australia ‘s security industry and we didn’t like what we learnt. The industry has a reputation of being overbearing, violent and robotic and unfortunately society has largely come to expect this.

Gatecrash Security is not about physical tactics and brute force. It’s about professionalism, leadership, tolerance and peace of mind. Physical confrontation should always be a last resort. We use specific training, excellent communication skills and situation management techniques to get the same results.

Our Communication

Being able to effectively communicate at any level is without doubt the most important tool available to any security guard doing any sort of work.

Our Guarantee

Unless you are witnessing a murder, a rape or a violent assault, there is no reason to physically assault (lawfully) and restrain another person. Our staff are directed that their first contact with any person will be “Excuse me sir/madam”.

To put a drunk person in a “choker hold” for any reason is impractical and futile. There are no excuses. Gatecrash staff will talk first and keep communicating, will not use neck or head restraints, and will smile as much as possible. Overly simplistic you might say, but it works. We’ve proven it.

Our Training

There are government regulations as to the minimum standard of training to become a security guard/crowd controller. We believe this level of training is grossly inadequate. Gatecrash trains its staff to a level far in excess of a Certificate II in Security Operations. We concentrate on communication, observation, other use of force options and judgments, just to name a few.

Our staff are the best security people available. We simply don’t hire aggressive, overbearing security guards, as they seem to cause more problems than they solve. Our staff are personally trained by experts, to become experts!

What Sets Us Apart?

Gatecrash Security is owned and operated by former police officers with over 35 years’ experience. We know the risks and we know how to deal with problems that may occur. Mark Ellis has an Advanced Diploma in Justice and is also a qualified JP.

By employing us you have a full service to ensure your party is memorable for the right reasons. We are not about heavy handed “bouncer mentality” physical tactics.

Profile of Mark Ellis - Company Director

markMark Ellis is a former Queensland Police Service officer with over 15 years’ experience. He holds an Advanced Diploma in Public Safety (Police Investigations), a Certificate III in Investigative Skills and is a licensed and accredited Private Investigator by the Queensland Government. In addition, Mark is also a Justice of the Peace (Qualified).

In 1989, Mark completed a Queensland University degree in Journalism and Psychology prior to joining the Police Service. His experience includes complex investigations with the Fortitude Valley CIB, Metro North Prostitution Unit, Major Crime Squad (Armed Robbery Unit), State Drug Squad and Major Fraud Squad.

Mark successfully completed all phases of Detective training and has completed numerous internal Police courses such as Investigative Skills, Fraud Investigation, Homicide, Surveillance Techniques, Auto Theft, Workplace health and Safety, and numerous legislation courses.

During his career, Mark has completed many major investigations including a variety of homicides, drug trafficking offences, serious assaults, fraud, armed robberies, auto theft/re-identification and other property offences.

Mark has also been heavily involved in the Entertainment Industry for the last decade as the owner/manager of Silver Lining Entertainment. Mark has promoted many international acts and has been involved with the production and management of numerous local bands and DJ’s.

Mark has also worked closely with many touring Rock Stars such as U2, Kiss, Robbie Williams, Fall Out Boy, The Eagles, REM, Jet, and numerous sporting personalities. He regularly works as a Tour Manager and can answer all your email and telephone inquiries from hotel rooms around Australia!

As a Director of this company, Mark brings a wealth of experience as a Police Officer, coupled with the business acumen from running a successful Entertainment company.

  • Private Investigator Licence: 3128862
  • Security Providers Licence Number 3128862
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